we must not get left behind = we must not let everyone else catch up
“no one knows” aka “DONT PANIC”=”Its far, far to bad to tell you”
corporate bonds are attractive = corporate borrowing being very expensive
financial meltdown = a failure in SWITCH/AMEX//VISA/BACS/SWIFT etc
credit crunch:- banker getting squished by a train….. or “bad things”
technicality or loophole = contract fairness
oil subsidies = not taxing the hell out of oil
leverage/gearing = FRB
“Help improve liquidity” = “Give us free money”
Volatile/volatility = totally screwed
“No Comment” = yes, but its a secret.
Is now the time to ____ = No
Do do it = weve taken our pound of flesh, please help us unwind our position
Dont do it = youll make more money than we want you to have.
battlefield shaping = burn the fuck out of anything that moves
Investment = spending
Its the right thing to do = we got it completely wrong
terrorist = someone who doesnt agree with the people in control, and is willing to do something about it.
hero = state sponsored terrorist (n.b. to get past this, you have to realise that not all terrorism is wrong, and this is in the context of newspeak)
BBC = UKs state television channel
Fine = A Tax on Stupid People.
Nationalisation = state sanctioned theft
British interests = remnants of the British Empire
right wing = survival of the fittest (steal from the poor, and give to the wealthy)
center (political) = willing to choose between the two options
left wing = no man left behind (steal from the wealthy and give to the poor)
short = a bet that something is to expensive
long = a bet that something is to cheap
bear = someone who is short
bull = someone who is long
advertisement = a signal that something is not being socially recommended
interest rate = the level of rent of property charged by its ultimate owner
owner = the person with the final say over property
Public = the people with control over J6P
J6P = Joe six Pack, aka sheeple
poor = someone with no property
rich = someone with money to burn
wealthy = someone with access to high quality property
property = something which rent can be charged against
rent = the money flows from property
arbitrage = going short on something with a low rent in order to go long on something with a high rent.
complex = I havent got a clue if what Im saying is right or not, but they paid me to say it.
basically = Im bored with explaining this to you, you fucking idiot.
confident = its probably not going work, because all I have is words
state = property owned by the public (see above)
“The going gets tough” = the end of the ponzi scheme
price above fundamental value+paid rampers = some sort of scam
“What I meant was” = “youve caught me out on something I previously said”.
Zimbabwe worker strike = an EU wide ban on technical assistance
protectionism = state aid
“consider the full range of options” = we dont know what we are going to do, but will leak some ideas and if one gets a positive reaction…
Monitor = do nothing
excluding exceptional items = “If you ignore all the losses”
kettled = Making protesters boil so you can justify kicking the shit out of them.
prices holding up = prices are falling more slowly.
social distancing measures = Martial Law.
Moderate = Friendly to the British Elite.
Extremist = opposed to the British Elite.
“It also calls for individuals to be given the power to help themselves and others in their community” = “Youll have to look after yourself, because all the money you handed over in tax is being given to the bankers”.
Credit Easing = Default Erasure.
“Gadaffi Bombing” = “Bombing Civilians loyal to Gadaffi”
“partisan intervention”=”Interference by the Crown/Queen”
“Global “Economics” article that doesnt mention China” = “Lies”
“establish a no-fly zone ” = “wipe out half the population of several cities”
“anarchist” = “People we dont want you to associate yourselves with”. (see “dont do it” above)
Angry = stupid
“independence” = “Control by the financial oligarchy”.
“fragile” = “Broken in the future”
tactical voting = Voting for a party you dont approve of, to spite a party you dont approve of. Invented to ensure the ConLabourers can keep conning the labourers.
“scuffles broke out” = “Police launched an unprovoked attack”
“escalated” = “people refused to submit to authoritarian twats”
“dispersed” = “broken up”
“broken up” = “beaten up”
“unexpected” = “utterly predictable”
“national security” = “The right of the head of state to fuck anything that moves”, (and probably a few animals that have stopped moving, necrophilia would be a serious national security issue)
opposition = a small band of terrorists supported by the media organisation reporting on them.
officially recognised = The decision that it is now politically acceptable to openly rather than secretly support the terrrorists in question.
“politically acceptable” = “unlikely to cause wide scale civil disobedience.”
“riot” = “civil disobedience where the head of state is financially liable for any damage done.”
“Political Correctness” = “silencing of certain political views by a monarchy.”
“leak” = “a truth they need to call a lie.”

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